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(Feb 21, 2014)
echo Hello!!!!
(Oct 07, 2013)
not any more :(
(Sep 29, 2013)
(Sep 29, 2013)
anybody here ???
(Sep 29, 2013)
hello ???
(Jun 28, 2013)
salute vuka :P
(Jun 28, 2013)
how sad...vuca can chat here :P
(Jun 26, 2013)
OMG....I can write here!!
(Jun 23, 2013)
(Jun 22, 2013)
Yooo Broken!
(Jun 21, 2013)
yo infidells
(Jun 21, 2013)
why not activate ake you will always be the Daddy!!!
(Jun 20, 2013)
meant no longer an active site :)
(Jun 19, 2013)
what is ake???
(Jun 19, 2013)
No longer the site of T&E
(Jun 18, 2013)
dont even know what to say...wish u all best of luck and bags full of shines mi friends
(Jun 17, 2013)
There was supposed to be a comment underneath my sign up saying that i may not be able to attend due to doctor apointment. Did someone delete it or what oO
(Jun 17, 2013)
i've signed u maggi, no worries
(Jun 17, 2013)
Getting some server error by trying to sign for today. If I dont manage to do so on time count on me for tonight.
(Jun 16, 2013)
I'm going to be a bit late today , visiting my dad at the hospital and it's going to take a bit of time because i have to drive my mom home aswel